Every plate as unique as your fingerprint.

We are proud to bring you our range of natural, sustainable plates and bowls, made from the fallen leaves of the areca palm tree. These 100% biodegradable plates and bowls are durable, lightweight and require minimal processing from tree to table.

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Areca palm trees naturally shed their leaves, which then fall to the ground, shedding can happen as often as every few weeks. These sheaths are collected and trimmed to remove the leaves and then stacked in piles, before being sent to a manufacturing plant where the manufacturer cleans the sheaths with fresh water.

The sheathes are heated and placed in a machine with two hot pressing heads and pressed lightly together to get the desired shape.The pressing heads also contain cutting blades which cut the plate out from the sheath. No chemicals or synthetic binders are used and the process is purely natural and organic.




Palm Leaf Plates are a stylish and unique alternative to other disposable tableware on the market.

This cottage industry provides a source of income for many families in South Asia, making Palm Leaf Plates a responsible decision for your family, their families, and our environment.

We are proud to supply these quality products to the New Zealand market shipped direct to you from our fully stocked Auckland warehouse.